Architecture is the creation and the discipline of designing, building and planning buildings, or any other structure. Even the simplest form of architecture, such as buildings or houses, are considered to be a cultural statement and art. The five elements of architecture are what Thais consider to be the basis of Thai architecture. These elements are sun and water, wind, and wood. Thai architects will need to combine these elements in an harmonious manner to create a building that reflects and reflects their culture as well as the natural environment.

As you read on, you will come to discover that there are many other elements of architecture that come hand in with these major 5. These elements include space, form and color as well as line and form. This article will give a detailed explanation of the role each element plays in architecture.

Spatial environment is the region that an architectural project will be located. Spatial environments are vital in urban planning and urban design projects. The appearance of a city is dependent on how well it integrates space into its overall design. Good examples of these projects are Tokyo, London, Rome and New York. Modern architecture seeks to create as much usable space within a building as is feasible.

Line Art One could say that line art is architecture’s wallpaper. The architect typically draws lines connecting landmarks in order to define the outline of the building. After the architect has drawn out the outline of the building the architect must to integrate his artwork with the surrounding landscape. Once the artwork is integrated with the landscape, the architect will have to alter the documents supplied by the client, to ensure that the structure and the landscape are in line. Editing source documents is an important part of the profession of architects, as without these documents, clients wouldn’t be able to know what kind of architecture was being considered.

Architectural Design is a broad subject that encompasses interior design, construction, architecture , and landscape architecture. thai architect Landscape architecture is, however, refers to designing the built environment based on research and analysis of the natural landscape. Bridges, structures, parks, plazas, roads, sewers, and many other things are designed using landscape architecture. It is different from architectural design, which is a much narrower discipline. Urban planners and engineers plan and design cities and landscape architects create the landscape around it.

An aesthetic is the aim of objects to look pleasing to the eye or beholder. Aesthetic architecture is also sometimes described as visual art since the architect typically has some kind of visual effect to his work. It could be a physical garden, a collection, façade of monumental statues, or something entirely different. The ancients were conscious of aesthetics in architecture and developed their own works of aesthetic architecture.

Interiors A typical structure for the interior comprises walls, floors and ceilings. Windows, doors and other elements of the interior are all important for creating an architectural interior. This type of architecture is often referred to as exterior architecture. The interior of a typical structure or structure will be built using stone, wood, glass or another material. The exteriors are typically made of concrete, bricks or tiles, marble tiles or other types of material. For buildings, for instance, the interior of the interior walls and roof, windows, stairs, hallways, and basements will typically be constructed of plaster, whereas the exteriors would be mostly composed of ceramic, brick, gypsum, stone, or any other type of material.

Architectural forms are preserved. The Paleolithic period of prehistory is the time when the earliest architectural forms are discovered. Artistic art in this period was limited to statues and other decorative artifacts. The architectural achievements of the time can be seen in buildings like the Stone Age house of Knai Easterson’s Knoll, the Knai Stone Age House, and the Vendelaria Palace of Knai. Modern architecture is, on the other hand, has evolved from the time of the modern age. It displays a wide range of architectural styles and styles.