Zack Snyders Justice League

Zack and Cody return to the film “justice League: Tower of Justice”. The DC Comics team of Green Lantern (The Flash), Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman join forces this time in the fight against Darkseid. The movie is part Justice League comics.

The DC comics did an excellent job putting these characters in the movie. Animation was great too. But, there were plenty of fans that were disappointed in the film. The movie, according to many, was mediocre and didn’t meet comic book expectation. It’s true “justice League Tower of Justice” has been my most favorite DC film thus far.

In the first place, I am a fan of the action. It’s abundant in this movie. I’ve watched a number of action films and this had more than enough. The car chases, explosions and battle scenes were my personal favorites.

The fight scenes were intense and some of my favorite action scenes. No one will complain about the action that was featured in the film. I’d be extremely angry if they complained. Indeed, I’d feel so angry that I’d return to the old version of Justice League: Tower of Justice instead.

The characters supporting them were excellent. They were plentiful throughout the movie. These were interesting characters. Each will be a story of their own to relate to. They will be fantastic additions to any DC film franchise. Aquaman, Green Lantern, and The Flash are all familiar to our eyes.

But there was one surprise. The ReverseFlash was a character that everyone is fond of. The ReverseFlash is a mean guy , who wants to be The Flash and is also The Joker’s right handman. So, we’ll be waiting to determine if The Flash gets his own film next.

It offered many amazing features which were worth the price. The Justice League: Tower of Justice could have benefitted from additional character development. It’s too simple to DC to begin building their characters and then they end up losing them within episodes. A few may disappear within a few seasons. So, I would suggest to take time to watch the series if you can. I hope you’ve found this review helpful.

justice league snyder cut Hopefully, we will see more of The Justice League in the future. It is my hope that they do not end up being just another superhero name. They’ll make a powerful team, I am certain.

If you’re an avid comic book reader, I highly recommend that you follow The Justice League: Tower of Justice online. There are tons of videos, photos and comics. It is possible to purchase the comic that could tie in with the series if you enjoy. This would be a great to collectible.

Three characters will be featured on the TV show. These are Superman and The Flash. The audience will get to know how they are as heroes as well as how they handle being a part of the group. New members will be added and some will return. It will surely be lots of enjoyment.

There were a few negatives to the show. It lacked depth and took too time. The bad guys were often under-appreciated. A second issue was that the program was long. This is still a fantastic show however. It may not be as well-known as other television shows.

If you’ve ever wondered what it could mean to DC Comics, then I’m sure it will. Additionally, there will be many connections to DC Comics. If you are looking for a unique and out of the ordinary animated series that you would be able to enjoy, this is it. While it’s not exactly the best animated, there are some good moments. This is a show I recommend to anyone who loves superhero cartoons.

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